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Ornis Svecica is a peer-reviewed scientific journal on all aspects of ornithology with the main focus on the European avifauna. In addition to contributions by professional ornithologists, the journal welcomes papers by non-professionals. Ornis Svecica is indexed in the major bibliographical databases. Ornis Svecica appears with four formal numbers, distributed as 2–4 issues per year. The language is English with a summary in Swedish or another Scandinavian language, adapted for a more general readership. Submissions should be sent to the editor-in-chief for registration and allocation to one of the editors.

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Editor-in-chief /Huvudredaktör:
Sören Svensson, Lund university, Dept. Biology, 22362 Lund, Sweden   
Robert Ekblom (Uppsala Univ.), Dennis Hasselquist (Lund Univ.), Åke Lindström (Lund Univ.), Jonas Waldenström (Linnaeus Univ, Kalmar) (click here for full contact info).

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